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Power Tool Accessories

Having the right power tool accessory is really important in helping you get the most from your power tools. We have an extensive range of power tool accessories and add-ons for corded and cordless tools, including batteries, chargers, saw blades and a wide selection of multitool accessories.We stock a vast selection of power tool accessories from well-known, trusted brands, including industry leaders such as Bosch, Dormer, Starrett, Makita and DeWALT. We also have a wide range of products from our own RS PRO range, designed for high performance and durability.What types of power tool accessories are available?Whether you’re looking for a brand new additional to your collection or you need to replace a favourite part, such as discs, drill bits or saw blades, we have carefully curated our stock to provide what you need to optimise and maintain all types of power tools in the jobs that they’re being used for. From DIY jobs at home to maintaining industrial machinery, RS Components have you covered.Some of our most popular power tool accessory product areas include:Cutting and bladesWhether you are looking for a replacement jigsaw blade to cut through softwood materials or a circular saw blade for your power saw, we have a great range of cutting blades from the best brands, including Bosch, DeWALT, Makita, Milwaukee, and RS PRO. In our range you will find:Band Saw bladesJigsaw bladesCircular saw bladesReciprocating saw bladesMultitool AccessoriesWhen working on a job or project, it can be necessary to make use of your multitool due to the breadth of tasks it can undertake. Their versatility makes the range of material it can cut through incredibly vast and, being highly portable and compact in size, it can be used in close, confined areas. In our range you will find drill bits sold individually or as part of drill bit sets that contain multiple sizes and types including:Metal Multi-Tool bladesWood Multi-Tool BladesTile and Glass BladesPower Tool Power SourcesWhen working with cordless power tools, it is imperative that you have the right battery pack and/or charger in order to complete your work. The last thing any professional tradesman or DIYer wants is for their tools to stop working before they’re finished! Our product selection features the latest in power tool batteries and power tool chargers to cover all bases, including Li-Ion, NiCd and NiMH battery types and chargers to match, so that you don’t have to worry about losing charge before your job is finished.

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