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Sandpaper & Abrasive Cloth Sheets

Sandpaper (sometimes referred to as glasspaper) is a type of thick paper with abrasive materials on one or both sides. Although it is called sandpaper, the abrasive material is typically aluminium oxide or silicon carbide. Abrasive cloths have a similar construction, but the base material is cloth rather than paper. Abrasive cloths are sometimes referred to as emery cloths, and use emery as the abrasive.
What are sandpaper and abrasive cloths used for?
Sandpaper and abrasive cloths are used to smooth surfaces such as wood or metal. The smoothing of surfaces might be a finishing touch or to prepare a surface before work takes place. Sandpaper and abrasive sheets can also be used to remove media such as paint or varnish from a surface.
What is the difference between grades or grits of sandpaper?
Sandpaper and abrasive cloths normally have a grade. This helps to differentiate between how smooth or coarse the sandpaper is. The higher the grade is, the finer the sandpaper is. For example, sandpaper with a grade (sometimes called grit) from 350 to 600 is fine and should be used for small imperfections. Sandpaper with lower grades such as 40 to 60 is coarser. A coarser grit enables you to strip materials and carry out heavy sanding.
What is wet sandpaper?
Some sandpaper can be used wet. The sandpaper is either sprayed with water or soaked prior to use. This has a number of benefits including reducing the dust generated and also improving the quality of the finish. Wet sanding is often used on vehicles to provide the smoothest possible surface before they are resprayed.
Pack Sizes
Sandpaper is available in a range of shapes and sizes. You can buy sandpaper in rolls, in larger sheets or smaller pre-cut pieces.