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Desk Lamps

Having the correct lighting in any room or work environment is a very important aspect which is often overlooked.Desk lamps come in many different styles and finishes and choosing the right one for you is very much down to personal choice and requirements.What shall I consider when choosing a desk lamp?The size of the desk lamp, the amount of light needed, the amount of time the light is needed for and the position of the fixture are all important factors to be taken into consideration. You can easily just choose a lamp which matches the décor of your space, however, do not choose your lamp just on looks alone. If you are using your desk lamp in a space that is used for watching TV, you might want a light with a dimmer on it. It will not contrast the light of the other activities on the room.What size of a lamp is right for me?When you have a big working area you will need to use a desk light that has a long arm to reach across it. Desktop versus laptop working, consider that the position of the light will cover the entire work area on your desk.What is the difference between LED and halogen lamps?One of the most noticeable difference has nothing to do with the light itself actually. Have you ever touched halogen light and accidentally burnt yourself? This would not happen with LED light, because the LED light is only one fifth the heat of a halogen light. So not that it is safer but cheaper as well. When it comes to longevity halogen bulbs only last 2000 hours compared to 50,000 hrs of LED bulbs. In other words, LED would last nearly 30 years!The benefit of using a desk lamp will not only stop you from straining your eyes, but you can also move it to wherever it needs to be used. Plus, there are a wide variety of cool shapes and styles that you can choose from.