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Crimp Terminal Boots

Crimp terminal boots are used to provide insulation that protects the operator and the equipment from electrical current. The term crimp terminal boot is interchangeable with crimp terminal cover. How do crimp terminal boots work? Safety is an essential consideration when terminating connectors. Crimp terminal boots play a key role in this, as they safeguard both the operator as well as the equipment against electrical damage or harm. They typically slide off the terminal while the wire is being fastened into place, and are then slid back into place over the top of the wire. Some, however, are permanently fixed in place. Both types provide proper insulation. Types of crimp terminal boots Crimp terminal boots feature different kinds of connectors, including coaxial, receptacle, and tab. They are made from plastic (such as nylon, PVC or polyamide) and various rubbers (including silicone rubber), which are selected for their insulating qualities. Their bodies can also be made from metals such as brass, phosphor bronze or stainless steel. They are usually colour-coded, making them easy to separate in complicated wiring systems.