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Standard Logic

Standard logic chips are sometimes referred to as ‘commodity ICs’ (integrated circuits). We offer a huge range of standard logic chips from leading brands like Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Nexperia and ON Semiconductor.Common standard logic chip types and their usesBuffers transfer voltage from high to low output impedance circuits, acting as a barrier between source and load to prevent network disturbance. Also sold as:Bus buffersBuffer & Converter combinationsBuffer & Line Driver combinationsBus Transceivers provide input/output signal control (i.e. bidirectional, unlike buffers) to a shared data busCounter ICs (also Shift Registers) typically comprise a number of connected cascading flip-flops, designed to register the number of times a process, clock or event occursDecoders & Demultiplexers convert an input binary code to a single numeric output (decoders), or take information from a single input line and transmit it via one of multiple outputs (demux)Hex Inverters output opposite voltages to their input level, then invert the input signal to help clean up digital signal noise, add delay, shift levels, or convert between logic familiesLatches offer high-speed, reliable protection for semiconductors against static discharge or excess voltageLogic Gates control signal flow via boolean functions (NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR), processing the signal into binary informationLogic Level Shifters and Voltage Translators translate one logic level signal or voltage domain to another, enabling broader compatibility between different components/ICsMonostable Multivibrators produce a timed delay within circuits, for use as timers or pulse detectorsSchmitt Trigger Inverters are active circuits that convert analog input signals to digital outputThe majority of standard logic chips are relatively simple components (as opposed to the more complex SoC, or system-on-chip, product family). They’re designed to automate performance of single repetitive tasks and routines and form an integral part of many basic appliances, circuits, toys, and other devices.