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Deburring Blades

Deburring blades are an element of hand held deburring tools designed for removing materials such as steel, aluminium, stone, ceramics, hardwood and plastics. Hand deburring tools are better for small, precise deburring jobs.
How do they work?
Place the deburring tool against the edge. Hold the tool so that it is right up against the edge you wish to deburr. No need to press hard to deburr the item, just ensure that the tool makes contact with the edge of the object. Deburring circular area• Let the deburring tool rotate two or three times. Deburring an edge• Drag the tool back and forth across the area two or three times.
• Wear gloves to protect your hands• Consider wearing a face mask• Protect your eyes with safety goggles
What are the key features?
• Quick-release chuck• Right/Left Hand Cutting• 90° blade angle
What different types are there?
• HSS blade• Cranked HSS blade• Ceramic blade
Which application would you use it?
• Automotive• Ship-building• Aviation