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Audio Processors

What is Audio Processing?We use an Audio Processor to help in audio processing, also known as audio signal processing. Audio processing is used to enhance and clean up audio signals before they are transmitted. There are two forms of audio processing. Analog processing• Analog converts a sound wave into an electrical signal. The signal looks like a sound wave and is processed with least distortion.Digital audio processing• Digital audio processing converts an audio signal into digital form. This is normally a binary code which can be interpreted by computer. Digital alters the sound from a continuous wave to other information meaning the ear hears no difference in the sound.A simple definition is, an audio processor is a device that controls and changes an audio signal improving the sound.Applications.• Storage• Data compression• Music information• Speech processing• Acoustic detection• Transmission• Noise cancellation• Acoustic fingerprinting• Sound recognition• EnhancementAudio Processors are available in different package types.• LFCSP – Lead Frame Chip Scale package• LQFP – Low profile Quad Flat pack package• SOIC – Small outline integrated circuit• TQFP – Thin quad flat pack• TSSOP – Thin shrink small outline packageAudio processors are available with a various Pins, sizes, channels, audio formats and voltages.