Cable Sleeves

Cable sleeves are used to protect cables and wires and have excellent resistant to chemicals and abrasions making them the perfect choice to help keep cables insulated and protected.What is a cable sleeve?Cable sleeves or sheathing offer protection for cables from abrasive environments whilst also optimising space as they can be used to bundle cables together or insulate a single cable. Their use is ideal for avoiding tangles, hiding unsightly cables and making a cable area safe. A sleeve can be flexible, solid, expandable, braided or mesh, in fact they are available in multiple materials, shapes and sizes. RS offer a wide range of sleeving which can be durable and versatile.Types of cable sleeving:Flexible sleeving can be used where movement of the cable is needed, these sleeves can be used to bundle wires and cables together. Flexibility may be needed for longer cables, and these types of sleeves are often in a braid, heat shrink tubing can also be used. Heat shrink tubing is available in a multitude of colours which can be used for colour coding several cables at a time.For all electrical needs, flexible tubing ensures the cables are protected and prevents flattening. PET sleeving often has a gloss finish and is made up of woven plastic, this allows it to expand allowing protection for multiple cables.Cable sleeving materials:A wide range of materials are also available for your sleeving needs, for example, PVC insulation can be flame retardant. It can also be resistant to abrasion, resistant to certain chemicals, making it tough with durability. Fibreglass is ideal for high temperatures, flexibility and insulation. A range of metals are also available, their use is often for factory or food-processing areas where stainless steel is predominately used. Dependant on the metal its uses may be to prevent tarnish, oxidation and prolong life expectancy. Silicone and rubber provide insulation and form a tough durable form of protection.