Masterplug RCD Plug Adapter 2 Pole ,Rated At 13A,240 V ac

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RS stock number 7508447
Product description Masterplug RCD Plug Adapter 2 Pole ,Rated At 13A,240 V ac
Manufacturer / Brand Masterplug
Manufacturer part number PRCDKB-MP

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Date Aug 7, 2022

RS Components Pte Ltd Robinson Road, P.O. Box 1582, Singapore 903132

Product Details

RS Pro RCD Safety Plug Adapter

Our own brand, RS Pro electrical, non-latching safety RCD plug adapter provides an added layer of protection against users receiving electrocution from the electrical products that they are using. The safety adapter is a great choice for domestic and commercial appliances as it constantly monitors the power supply.

How does the RCD plug adapter work?

The RCD adapter had double pole switching which isolates both live and neutral currents when contacts trip. The adapter will continuously monitor a power supply to and from an electrical appliance, its advanced technology cuts the power within 40 milliseconds if an earth current fault is detected.

Features & Benefits

• Current rating of 13 A
• Voltage rating of 240 V ac
• Added protection against the risk of electric shock
• Non-latching - the power will need resetting each time it is used
• Automatically turns off once power to the appliance is terminated
• Double pole switching
• Reliable and continuous monitoring of power supplies
• 40 milliseconds of tripping time
• 30 mA tripping current
• Complies with BS7071:1992

A little more info

Did you know that our RCD adapter offers personal protection to a level that no ordinary fuse or circuit breaker can offer? If a user accidently cuts through a cable that is plugged in and exposes live wires or a faulty appliance overheats and created an electric current flow to earth, the adapter will cut off the power and dramatically reduce the chances of an electric shock or injury.


Attribute Value
Brand Masterplug
Type Adapter
Tripping Current 30 mA
Tripping Time 40 ms
Pole Format 2
Voltage Rating 240 V ac
Current Rating 13 A
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