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Toilet Seats

A toilet seat is a hinged open seat with a lid that is attached to the toilet bowl or pan. It is designed to make sitting on the toilet more comfortable. The lid of the toilet seat can also be closed so that it can be used as a seat.
Is there a standard style or size of toilet seat?
Toilet seats can either be round, square or d shaped. Each style is a standard size.
Which style should I choose?
Choosing the best toilet seat for your bathroom, toilet or cloakroom can be confusing as there are so many things to consider. Is it a simple replacement seat or are you updating the décor in the room
What material – Wooden are more traditional looking, add warm, and come in different finishes and colours. Plastic gives a high degree of durability, is moulded into shape and tends to cost less. Traditional, contemporary, plain or funky
Type of hinge
Top fixing or bottom fixing
Many of the modern toilet seats are fitted with a soft close as standard. These use a spring mechanism to prevent the seat and lid from slamming down. Having a soft close not only prevents noise, but it helps prevent fingers getting trapped and helps minimize wear and tear of the toilet pan and seat.