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Washer Kits

Washer kits comprise a variety of different disc-shaped plates with holes. They are typically used to distribute the load of a particular type of threaded fastener, like a screw or bolt.

What do washer kits do?

Washers have two main purposes: To distribute the pressure of a nut evenly to avoid damaging a surface. To ensure that the nut is pressed against a smooth surface, reducing the chance of loosening due to it being in contact with an uneven surface.

Types of washer kits

Plain washer kits – This type of washer prevents damage to a surface when it is being fixed. Alternatively, it can act as electrical insulation.

Spring washer kits – Spring washers have axial (forming an axis) flexibility and are typically used to prevent fastening or loosening caused by vibration.

Locking washer kits – Locking washer kits prevent the unscrewing of the fastening device for improved durability.