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Door Components

The RS range of door components contains everything you need to hang doors into your system. From latch kits to hinges, there is a wide range of essential components to fit many types of structural systems, providing reliable solutions for maintenance and fitting.Available in cost-effective polyamide or sturdy die-cast aluminium, there are fittings and fixtures to suit internal and external applications, for both domestic and commercial properties.Here at RS we pride ourselves on our range of market-leading suppliers, in this section of the website you will be able to find products from Bosch, Elesa, FlexLink and RS Pro.Types of Door ComponentsBelow is a list of products that we sell here at RS Components in our door components range…Hinges – Both plastic and metal hinges are available, with stainless steel and aluminium available.Handles – Attachable pull handles or handles with inbuilt locks.Latch Kits – Ball latch and magnetic latches for secure closing and easy opening.Locks – Sturdy and reliable locks with key operation features.Fitting Components – Sealing profiles, panels, grills and clamps, to secure your door installation.