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Steel Sheets

Steel sheets are a basic and plain form of steel available in a range of sizes. Their sheet form can be used to fabricate or make a number of parts to be used in industries such as food, beverage, aerospace and general DIY use in and around the home. Cutting steel sheets is easy with the correct metal shears and thinner sheets can often be formed by hand. Thicker sheets may require tooling or machinery to cut and form dependant on the application and material. Steel sheets are suitable for a range of connecting and fixing methods from screw and bolt fixing through to riveting and welding. This variety of methods makes steel sheets versatile and suitable for a range of applications.Tin plating on the sheets offers protection from corrosion and chemicals over time making them longer lasting and more durable for reliability and assurance. The choice of thickness when using sheet metal allows for bespoke pieces to be made in both heavy and light weight applications. Metal sheet can be used for bench and table tops in both commercial and residential settings, machinery, car parts, cladding and a whole host of DIY applications.