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Energy Monitors

Industrial energy monitors measure power quality with a power quality analyser. These energy monitors determine how reliable an electrical system supports its load. A power disturbance or event can involve voltage, current or frequency fluctuations. They measure power disturbances that can originate in consumer power systems, consumer loads, or in the utility sector.What is a Power Disturbance?Power disturbances are measured with a power analyser energy monitor and defined in terms of magnitude and duration. Disturbances range from transients that last for microseconds to outages that continue for hours. When a power disturbance occurs equipment may be disrupted or damaged.Benefits of using a Power Quality Energy MonitorMeasuring power quality with an energy monitor can provide a wide variety of benefits to a business, such as:Preventing lost production: Each time production is interrupted, profit is lost on product that is not manufactured and sold.Avoiding damaged product: Interruptions can damage products and equipment.Energy cost: Improving energy efficiency can lower energy costs