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Infrared Thermometers

Thermometer kits conveniently combine thermometers with the thermometer accessories you’ll need for efficient and accurate temperature measurement. Different kits have been put together to suit heating, plumbing, air conditioning and electrical applications. What’s in thermometer kits?Thermometer kits can contain a digital thermometer, infrared thermometer or thermocouple thermometer. Simple kits come with a probe and holster, more complex kits air, surface and general purpose probes as well as clamp probes and probe handles. Many come in soft, compartmentalised cases to keep elements organised and protected and some include record books for keeping track of data. Choosing the right thermometer kitsYour task and the environment you’re working in will be the most important influences on the thermometer kit you choose. Kits that include a thermocouple thermometer are ideal for gauging very high temperatures or when working with heating systems. When working with electrical systems, you may want to choose a kit that includes a clamp meter and voltage detector as well as an IR thermometer. Kits suitable for reading the temperature of standing and flowing water or the surfaces of pipes and tanks can be used in the control of Legionella.