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Exit Signs

Our range of exit signs, way out arrows, exit labels and other evacuation signage features a wide variety of direction options – for example emergency exit up/down, fire exit left/right, and so on. They’re also available in a number of quality materials for different mounting locations and methods, including adhesive film, aluminium, PET and vinyl. They’re supplied by trusted brands such as Brady, RS PRO and Wolk.Exit signs are probably the most familiar type of workplace signage we regularly encounter – in fact, we see them so often that it can be easy to look straight past one without even registering it. However, if you’ve ever found yourself in an unfamiliar workplace with poor signage for entrances and exits, you’ll know how important it is that they’re displayed prominently and in a convenient spot.What do I need to be aware of when choosing exit signs for work?The most important thing when choosing the exit signs for a workplace or public space is that you’re aware of (and in full compliance with) all regulations and standards that apply to your specific type of office, factory or building.In the UK, this will likely involve some knowledge of EN ISO 7010:2012, and potentially also BS 5499-2:1986 (fire safety signs, notices and graphic symbols).Broadly speaking, all fire exit signs and emergency exit signs must be prominently positioned such that they clearly and unambiguously point out the direction of the nearest available exit.This not only means that exits must be clearly marked with an appropriate sign, but that the positioning of the sign be completely free from obstructions and interference.It must also be wholly compliant with national government standards for the visual design of exit signs – in the UK, EU, Australia and many other parts of the world, that will require a green-and-white pictogram displaying the iconic stick figure and a directional arrow.A popular place for mounting exit signs is to a prominent spot on a wall, or suspended from the ceiling over the nearest exit – this tends to result in good sightlines for a majority of users.