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Welding & Brazing

RS Components offers Europe’s most extensive range of industrial and electronic parts. With a reputation for quality and service we are proud of, we offer the most well-stocked and competitive range of Welding and Brazing components, which, along with the hundreds of thousands of other items in our product catalogue, meet the highest standards of safety and industry approval. Can’t choose between products in our Gas Welding Kits or Portable Gas Tools ranges? You can use our site to filter your search for Welding and Brazing components by brand, stock status or a number of other facets, whether you’re looking for a top of the line Welding and Brazing part or a basic but functional part from our RS Essentials range.

  • Blow Torches

  • Plasma Cutters

  • Welders

  • Welding Accessories

  • Welding Curtains & Screens

  • Welding Regulators

  • Welding Rods & Brazing Rods