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Ink Pens

Even in the digital age, every office worker, architect or engineer wants to have an ink pen close to hand. A pen doesn’t need wi-fi, it won’t run out of battery, and won’t break the bank when you drop it. For making bold and legible notes, diagrams and sketches, there’s no quicker or convenient way than a simple pen. They combine the legibility of digital print, with the portability of a pencil.The RS Range of ink pens includes a variety of models from leading brands, with selection of tip sizes and thickness. Whether for technical drawing, arts and crafts, or on-the-fly note taking, there’s a pen to suit your needs.Ballpoint PenReliable and inexpensive, ballpoint pens can be found in any office or educational environment. Thanks to their unique ink delivery system, ballpoints do not have to be held vertically to write, and so can be used at any angle. This versatility, coupled with a leak resistant design, means that ballpoints are suitable for any number of applications.Ballpoint pens use oil based ink, which is quick drying and so less easy to smudge.FinelinerOften used for graphic design and sketching, fine liners make bold and precise ink lines with a fibre or plastic tip. They often have long and metal clad tips to improve their performance when used with rulers, slides and templates. Thanks to these characteristics, fineliners are often used in technical drawing.Fineliners often used dye-based ink, which offers vibrant and bold colours which, unfortunately, may fade over time if subjected to sunlight.Fountain PenDue to its unique nib shape, fountain pens offer a stylistic versatility not found in ball points, and as such are preferred by those with an interest in calligraphy or graphic design. Fountain pens have a metal nib that channels ink from a cartridge or reservoir.Older models of fountain pen refilled via an inbuilt mechanism that would draw ink from an ink bottle. Modern fountain pen ink, however, is supplied in disposable ink cartridges that can be replaced at any time. Fountain pens use water based ink, which needs more time to dry than oil based ink, and may smudge if not handled carefully.Though fountain pens are more prone to leaking and are more expensive than other types of pen, they are preferred by those looking for an individual flourish to their writing.