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Staplers & Riveters

Staple Guns, Nail Guns and Rivet Guns are hand-held tools used to drive metal staples, nails and rivets into a number of materials such as plastic, wood, masonry. Manual Staple Guns are also known as Staplers, Brad Nailers, Nail Guns or Nailers. Staples, Nails and Brads are available in a variety of sizes from 4mm up to even 20mm of leg length and are suitable for both heavy-duty and light-duty general applications.What are Rivet Guns?Rivets Guns, also known as pneumatic hammers, are used as a permanent fastener in mechanical industries. It is a less costly and effective way of joining a structure. According to the requirement, rivets are available in many shapes and sizes.Typical applications of Riveting tools, Staplers and NailersThere are many different types of rivet tools, such as slow-hitting and fast-hitting guns and a variety of manual tools, plus a wide range of riveting accessories to achieve the desired finish for the task in hand.There are many industries that rivets and Riveting tools, Staplers and Nailers are used in:Industrial ManufacturingAircraft ManufacturingAutomotive and Bodywork RepairEngineeringConstructionDIY

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