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Impact Sockets

Impact sockets are used in conjunction with impact guns, impact wrenches or impact drivers to remove and/or tighten nuts and bolts. During application, the hammer action from the impact tool delivers multiple blows and high torque to break the fasteners free.Our range of impact sockets includes products from leading brands such as Bahco, Facom, Makita, Teng Tools and RS PRO. Our impact sockets are available as individual pieces or we have a range of impact socket sets, with a wide variety of sizes and drive types to suit your needs.What are the key features of impact sockets?Impact sockets most commonly have a dark, blackened finish compared to non-impact sockets as they have a carbonised coating which helps them to harden under the impact. It’s for this reason that normal sockets cannot be used for impact socket applications, as they may shatter under the strain.Hardened metal surface allows stronger impact blows to the part you are tightening or removing.As with other sockets, impact sockets are available in metric and imperial measurements, with our range spanning from 3/8 in to 2 3/16 in and 6.0mm to 125mm.Popular drive sizes 1/4 in, 1/2 in, 3/4, & 1 in.Types of impact sockets available:Hexagonal Impact Socket, also known as 6-point Impact Socket. The term comes from the internal shape of the socket recess being that of the hexagon, the most commonly shaped fastener.Bi Hexagon Impact Socket, also known as 12-point Impact Socket. The term comes from the internal shape of the socket recess being that of two hexagons laid over one another. They fit 6-point fastener heads in twice as many positions.Square sockets and Torx sockets are also available, which are typically used in more specialist applications.Impact Socket ApplicationsImpact sockets are typically used in engineering, maintenance, fabrication or automotive applications. They may typically be found in any of the following industries:Garages and WorkshopsHydraulic TighteningCivil EngineeringMarine Maintenance and Aerospace applications