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Index Bolts

Index bolts are threaded fasteners used for indexing (movement from one point to another) purposes in machine parts and components. These bolts usually have springs that push the bolts attached to one object into the corresponding opening of another object. They are made of stainless steel with plastic knobs on the heads of the bolts to ensure optimal grip and handling capabilities.What are index bolts used for?Index bolts are used to lock objects together via a latch mechanism. They are also used for precision positioning of parts in machinery. These bolts are commonly found in workshops and factories where equipment is assembled and the positioning of machine parts takes place. Cam action index bolts have plungers attached. This means the locking pins can protrude or withdraw increasing the range of movement (indexing) and holding power of the bolts Types of index boltsIndex bolts are chosen according to their dimensions. These dimensions include head diameter, thread size, head type and body shape. Round index bolts are universal and less prone to wear and tear than flat bolts. Square index bolts are flat and provide better joining holds between components.