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Extension Springs

An extension spring or tension spring is a length of tightly coiled metal, usually steel with hooks or loops at either end. Extension springs absorb and store energy.What does it do?An extension spring is a component that creates a resistance to a pulling force. Extension springs work by trying to pull two objects back together. The attached spring is pulled in opposite directions and the force and the stored energy to pull the two objects back together.TypesExtension or tension springs selected by a few key attributes, they are:Material – Steel or stainless steelFree length – The overall length of the spring in its unloaded positionMax extended length – The length of the spring when it is fully extendedOutside diameter – The outside diameter of the springs coilsWire diameter – The diameter of the metal used to make the springSpring rate – The force, quoted in N/mmMax load – The load when the spring is at full extension UsesGarage doorsAutomotiveTrampolinesLever mechanisms