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Cleaning Equipment

Our catalogue of reliable, hardworking facility maintenance equipment includes numerous machines and systems designed to make cleaning and upkeep tasks quicker, easier and more efficient. We stock a comprehensive range of facility maintenance products and accessories, including pressure washers, steam cleaners, parts washers, and air compressors. We also offer various accessories and handy extras like tarpaulins, de-icers, salt spreaders, mobile stools and more.Leading brands in our facility maintenance line include DeWalt, Karcher, SIP, Bosch, and CIF.Types of facility maintenance products availableOur most popular products available in this area fall in the pressure washer and steam cleaner areas. Here is an overview of the difference between them and the tasks they are suited to:A pressure washer is for highly effective outdoor cleaning of especially tough or dirty areas and surfaces, such as:Cars, bikes, caravans and boatsPatios, paths, driveways, fences, walls, and house facadesGarden tools and machinery, outdoor furniture and barbecuesAnimal pens and runsPressure washers usually work as a hybrid of a hose pipe and an air compressorThey take a constant supply of mains water and pump it into a piston chamber where it’s forced out again under much higher pressureThey can be used with various accessories including nozzles, brushes and attachments, cleaning sprays, o-rings, or trigger gripsA steam cleaner is used for powerful and effective cleaning of domestic/commercial carpets, upholstery, soft furnishings, and any suitable surface in need of deep cleaning and sanitising via the removal of dirt, dust, grease or trodden-in grimeUnlike pressure washers, steam cleaners are used in direct contact with the surfaceSteam cleaners use an on-board water tank, which is then heated to produce steamSome cleaners actually boil the water, resulting in drier and hotter steam for optimal cleaning powerOthers run at cooler temperatures and produce a damper vapour for a ‘washing’ effect on more delicate items and surfacesSteam cleaners are not vacuum cleaners and are not intended for use on very wide areas (unlike the more industrial dedicated steam carpet cleaners)They’re primarily for effective spot-cleaning on particularly dirty or stained areas of carpets, rugs and other items

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