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ESD Grounding Cords

ESD grounding cords are used to safely connect elements together in an electrostatic discharge protected area (EPA). Grounding cords can be used to connect ESD grounding wrist straps and ESD safe mats to continuous monitors or earth bonding points, which are ground connections built into the workplace.What are ESD grounding cords used for?ESD grounding cords are used to protect workers and equipment in environments where sensitive electronic equipment is used, manufactured, assembled or repaired. Along with other ESD-safe products, grounding cords can be used to prevent electric sparks that could ignite flammable liquids, gases and explosives.Types of ESD grounding cordsESD grounding cords can be straight or coiled, in varying lengths, with different connection/plug types such as press studs, ring terminals, spade terminals, banana plugs or crocodile clips.Resistance of cords is measured in ohms and the resistance required will vary depending on where in the ground loop the cord is located. However, some are simply connecting cords with no resistor.