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Development Tools & Single Board Computers

Development kits and evaluation boards provide an easy way to learn about unfamiliar semiconductor products without manufacturing a custom PCB. We provide development kits, evaluation boards, emulation and simulation tools, programmers, prototyping tools and accessories from a wide range of brands including Analog Devices, Microchip, Mikroelektronika, ON Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics.What types of semiconductor development kits are there?We offer an extensive range of hardware and software tools supporting a variety of products including microcontrollers, power management and programmable logic enabling rapid design and development.The full list of development kits is as follows:Analogue: a kit that allows for analogue development like audio boards Clock and timer: boards that cater for evaluation of system timers or precision clocks Graphics display: solutions enabling screens of a capacitive or resistive nature, even wearable displays, to be developed for Human machine interface (HMI): kit that facilitates interaction with machines, like joysticks, keypads, sensors and thumbsticks Interface: cables or boards that allow for two systems to interact with each other Memory: a module that the caters for accessing external EEPROM or Serial Flash boards Motor control: solutions that enable robotic and stepper control Power management: a kit for development of power systems like batteries, regulators, switches, relays amongst others Processor and microcontroller: development kits like the world-renowned Raspberry Pi and Arduino Programmable logic: flexible semiconductor kits for hardware and software evaluation and development Radio frequency: solutions enabling KHz/GHz radio spectrum processing Sensor: boards allowing for development of sensory monitoring like gas, ultrasonic, temperature, humidity Signal conversion: modules facilitating conversion of digital to analogue We also offer debuggers, programmers and in-circuit emulators for testing, as well as a range of accessories for your industrial semiconductor development kits.

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