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Heavy Duty Power Connector Housings & Hoods

Heavy-duty power connector hoods and housings are used in conjunction with contact inserts to make up a complete heavy-duty power connector. RS Components offer a variety of hoods and housings in a range of sizes, materials and mounting options from leading brands including HARTING, Phoenix Contact, Epic Contact, TE Connectivity and of course RS PRO.Power Connector HoodsHeavy-duty power connector hoods are available in both high and low construction types. The cable entry to the connector hood comes in via a cable gland either at the top or side. The robust hoods are available in metals including die-cast aluminium and tough thermoplastic.Power Connector HousingsHeavy-duty power connector housings are available in surface, panel/bulkhead and base mounting types. The cable entry to the connector housing comes in via a cable gland in one or both sides of a surface-mount housing or through the rear of a panel or bulkhead type housing. The robust housings are available in metals including die-cast aluminium and tough thermoplastic.Locking MechanismsA locking mechanism on a heavy-duty power connector is designed to prevent the connector from opening while in operation, it also increases the tightness of the connection. The most common type of mechanism on industrial electrical connectors is locking levers. Levers can be a single or double lever and can be found on either the hood or the housing, depending on the application. The levers are married up with pins on the opposite half of the assembly and locked securely into place. Some industrial connectors can also be secured by screw or bayonet locking systems.Applications and EnvironmentHeavy-duty connectors are robust electrical connectors used in a vast array of industrial applications and environments. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Many connectors will have IP ratings when properly mated offering protection from dust, foreign particles, moisture, oils and greases. IP65, IP66. IP67, IP68 and IP69K are commonplace.Typical ApplicationsTransportationRoboticsIndustrial AutomationManufacturingUtilitiesHigh voltage electrics