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Fastener Kits

When you need quick, handy access to a wide array of standard-sized nuts, screws, bolts, washers, or all of the above, a high-quality fastener kit is useful to have on hand no matter what the job.We stock many different types of specialist and universal fastener kits for DIY, hobbyist and professional uses from trusted suppliers including Broadcom, System Zero, Ulti-Mate and Yahata Neji as well as our own brand RS PRO. What comes in a typical fastener kit?There are various different configurations of fastener kits on sale with some dedicated to just one or two useful fastener types, and others containing a more diverse selection of fasteners and fixing hardware. Choose from:Screw/bolt kits – ideal for all manner of assembly, component joining and surface/equipment mounting tasks.Our screw and bolt kits contain an array of standard-sized screws and bolts in varying quantities, materials and drive typesMetric sizes range from M1.6 to M12 and beyondDrive types include hex, Pozi, Phillips, slotted and System ZeroMaterials include steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon and plasticNut/washer kits – standard nuts and washers in many useful sizes, shapes and materials, ideal for all joining, fixing and plumbing applications.Nut types include half hex and full hex, in steel and/or brassWasher types include both plain and internal toothed washersDomed cap and cup washer kits – our polypropylene screw-cap kits consist of pairs of domed caps and cup washers in varying thread sizes, available in three matte colours.50-piece domed cap and washer cup fastener kits are handy on many installation and finishing jobs including insulating screwheads, enhancing the appearance of panels and instrument cases, mounting hardware without damaging more delicate surfaces, and so onWe also have numerous combinations of all the above fastener and kit types in stock, including:Nut kitsWasher kitsScrew, bolt and nut kitsScrew, bolt and washer kitsScrew, bolt, nut and washer kitsBrowse our screwdrivers and screwdriver bit sets for compatibility with all common fastener types, including Pozidriv, ball-end Torx and Phillips.

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