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Visible LEDs are light emitting devices that generate visible illumination when charged with electrical currents. The brightness of visible LEDs depend on the ranges of power strength emitted from the diodes or twin terminal structures located on the insides. What are visible LEDs used for?Visible LEDs are typical in electronic components such as indicator lamps, used in the automotive industry. They are also used in signage and displays such as backlighting for billboards and posters. Visible LEDs are found in everyday products like calculators, digital watches, and smart devices.Types of visible LEDsVisible LEDs have different visible lighting features: Flashing LEDs are attention seeking or warning indicators operated by multivibrator circuits, which flash at preset intervals. Bi-colour LEDs have two different coloured LED emitters in one unit to depict system status, for example ‘on’ or ‘off’. Tri-colour LEDs have three LED emitters in one unit producing different colours, with the most common example being traffic light systems. RGB (red, green, blue) LEDs have built-in control units to produce combinations of the primary colours and are mostly used in decorative and entertainment applications.