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Industrial Computers

An industrial computer is a robust computer system designed for long-term application in harsh environments where the system requires protection from extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, liquid and dust. Industrial computers are suitable for continuous operation in controlled environments and will generally have higher precision standards and dependability compared to a consumer system. As these computer systems are made for industrial use they are more rugged than a standard computer system, often with a heavier metal construction and a much wider operating temperature range. These computers have a higher grade power supply and are often fan less, using alternative cooling methods such as forced air, liquid and conduction cooling.Industrial Computer Form Factors Rackmount industrial PCs can be fixed to walls or mounted in cabinets.Equipment-mounted computers can easier be mounted directly into the equipment.Industrial panel PCs can be installed into a cut out of an enclosure.Embedded industrial systems have a small footprint and are a perfect solution for tight spaces.