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An IGBT transistor module (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) consists of one or more IGBTs and is used in many types of industrial equipment due to its reliability. IGBT transistors are a cross between bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) and MOSFET. They are highly efficient and fast switching plus they have high current and low saturation voltage characteristics.IGBT transistor modules are a three-terminal semiconductor device used as a switching element in power converters and variable speed drives to stop or allow power flow. IGBT transistors are controlled by a metal oxide semiconductor gate structure.IGBT modules are widely used for switching electrical power in applications such as inverters, welding, motors, power conditioners, trains and uninterruptible power supplies.A high-speed IGBT module is a product suitable for applications with switching frequencies between 20k and 50 kHz such as power supplies for medical equipment, welding machines, and induction heating. They include a boost chopper module and a half-bridge module.IGBT transistor modules have different configurations such as dual, 3-level, booster, common emitter, single switch, six-pack, chopper, PIM, PIM three-phase input rectifier, twelve pack, four pack and diode.