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Arduino boards, modules and kits offer it’s users a variety of different applications and uses. Here at RS we offer a wide range of different Arduino board types including the likes of entry-level boards, enhanced featured boards, IoT and even education boards. Arduino boards have a variety of different features from USB, sensor and wireless technology.Entry Level:Arduino entry-level boards are easy to set up and are perfect to begin your first creative projects. This range of boards and kits are perfect to help you with your coding and electronics journey, using a variety of components to improve the customer’s usability.Enhanced FeaturesArduino has a range of advanced boards with enhanced features, these boards are better suited to users that have had previous experience with development kits. For more complex projects with some of the best hardware on the market, these microcontroller boards can handle advanced functionality with faster performance.IoTWith top of the range software and hardware, these Arduino IoT boards will help keep your devices connected more easily and offer opportunities of the world wide web.Education Boards and KitsArduino education helps to empower and encourage educators by using the ideal hardware and software components to help design a more hands-on, innovative learning experience. Educators will be able to take their students on a fun, inspiring journey through the world of electronics and programming.