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Lamp Holders

For installing lamps into your lighting array, lighting sockets, or lamp holders, are essential. Suitable for use in domestic and commercial environments, the RS Range of lamp sockets provides solutions for 24 V and 240 V halogen lamps.Easy to InstallProviding the correct lighting socket is chosen for your bulb, the installation of lighting sockets is straight forward.The sockets have a mount to insert the lamp at one end and twin trailing wires for insertion into a lighting socket or terminal block. They typically have enough flex to and wire length that the lighting socket may be placed securely in an appropriate housing. In some cases the lamp holder can be affixed to a surface without additional housing, such as when supplied with built in screw holes.MaterialsThe lamp holders are typically equipped with ceramic supports, offering excellent heat resistance. Though the wires are often insulated with durable silicone, there are versions available with braided cord insulation that offer further durability and strong cut through resistance.