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Laser Mounts

Laser mounts are used to secure a laser to an optical system. This makes laser system alignment easier and helps to remove unwanted movement. Laser mounts are usually adjustable and can therefore be moved up and down or around the system. They can also form part of the temperature control of a laser system, absorbing and managing the heat given out by the laser.What are laser mounts used for?As well as providing stability, laser mounts can contribute to temperature management in one of two ways:Passively cooled laser mounts use a heat sink to conduct heat away from the laser and dissipate it.Actively cooled laser mounts use an in-built Peltier cooler to cool one surface while heating another. The laser mount then acts as a heat sink for the Peltier device rather than the laser itself.Types of laser mountsLaser mounts mainly differ according to size, as they are designed to fit a specific type of laser. They are able to hold different diameters of laser head, or may be targeted to a particular brand.