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Laser Alignment Products

Laser alignment products reshape non-visible ultaviolet and infrared light particles into visible light. This is important to user safety when working with laser equipment.Laser alignment products can pick up visible radiation, infrared radiation and ultra violet radiation and make them visible to the naked eye. These products have scintillator screens that are made of phosphor. They are mounted in non-reflective plastic housings.What are laser alignment products used for?Laser alignment products are used in industries where radiation levels need to be detected and monitored for operator safety. Such industries include nuclear plants and factories using radioactive chemicals like uranium and plutonium.These products are also used in automotive and industrial environments for alignment purposes such as in bore equipment and lathe machinery. Types of laser alignment productsLaser alignment products can be freestanding, disc mounted or screw mounted. Laser wands are used in laboratories as they can be fixed onto lens tubes and testing equipment. Laser cards are sized like credit cards and are portable which makes them useful for checking different laser beam paths. Laser discs have screw ports which attach to surfaces and equipment for more permanent applications.