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Backplane & Rack Connectors

We stock a wide range of Backplane and Rack connectors including DIN 41612, 41617, 41618, 41622 connectors. We provide products from leading brands including TE Connectivity, Phoenix Contact, Harting, Amphenol FCI and much more…Types of Backplane and Rack connectorsThere are a variety of Backplane and Rack Connectors and accessories best designed for specific uses. To name some, they include:Backplane connectors: mostly used to design computer systems due to their versatility and modularity, these are supports structures used to connect different PCBs. Their cards can be interchanged very easily, therefore they are highly used in the telecom industry.Rack connectors: A connector that is usually square or rectangular and is primarily designed to connect the device and the equipment rack.Din connectors: DIN 41612, rectangular connectors used to connect plug-in cards to a back plane or motherboard.PCB DIN Connector Accessories: A huge variety of accessories that include covers, coding pins/inserts, guides, locking devices and much more.

  • DIN 41612 Connectors

  • DIN 41618 Connectors