Masking Tapes

Masking tapes also known as painters tape is typically used to temporarily shield areas that you want paint protection from during a variety of preparation or finishing processes. Masking tapes are low tack and use a lower strength adhesive on the tape face allowing you to remove the tape after use with minimal effort whilst leaving no tape residue on the surface. You can learn more in our complete guide to masking tape. It’s easy-to-tear feature means that these tapes can be torn and applied to whatever is needed for example… you can easily shield or mask off any unwanted painting areas whilst undergoing your kitchen renovation.What kind of masking tape do I need?Tapes come in a range of materials, most commonly tapes use paper backing but can also use polyester, PVC and even aluminium foil. The type of masking material in the product will provide different protection depending on the work or process being carried out. Along with a choice in tape backing material, a range of adhesive materials such as acrylic, rubber and silicone are available to suit each masking application.Available in different colours, widths and lengths, masking tapes can be used during painting both with a brush or roller as well as spray painting. Tapes can also be used while preparing a piece for painting or coating and is easy to tear, apply and remove.Masking tape’s adhesive determines where the tape is best applied:Rubber-based adhesive material generally delivers the best adhesion but has the lowest temperature resistance.Acrylic-based adhesive material can be used at a wide temperature range.Silicone-based adhesive material can be used at the highest temperature range.Speciality tapesThere is a range of speciality masking tapes suitable for more specific applications. These tapes usually boast particular qualities that enable them to work in more extreme environments. Heat resistant foil masking tapes can be suitable for use in hot zones as well as being used in conjunction with a flame.Other higher strength tapes use stronger, thicker backing material that can be subjected to abrasives such as sandblasting.What applications are masking tape’s used in?Masking tapes are ideal for masking walls and surfaces and are applicable in a variety of different uses such as:Marking sensitive and critical surfacesIndoor paintworkWallpaperingFitting doors